Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association

The purpose of the WESBOGY Association is to conduct research projects that contribute to the development and dissemination of growth and yield information and modeling technology for both natural and regenerated stands growing in the boreal mixedwood region, primarily aspen and spruce.

Individual projects and/or students sponsored with Association resources should make progress in achieving this mission. Sponsored projects include those supported using Association resources. Associated projects are identified with the Association but are funded by individual (or groups of) members or other sources. A business plan outlining project priorities and allocation of resources to accomplish the mission has been developed and periodically reviewed with the participation of Steering Committee members.


Measurable objectives were identified for the 2006-2011 Agreement. It also includes links to the overall goals of the WESBOGY Association. >>more

Executive Summary

The Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association first met in the mid 1980’s as an informal group of agencies involved in forest growth, yield, inventory and planning in western Canada. >>more

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To develop and implement a program of research in the study of growth and yield and stand dynamics focused on problems of interest to members of the Association. Projects will have defined goals and products, and will be completed in a timely manner.

To increase knowledge and awareness of growth and yield relationships, as they exist in western and northern Canada.

To foster communication, cooperation and exchange of information among the members as well as various agencies and groups concerned with management and development of boreal forests.

To focus on the dynamics of mixedwood stands of aspen and white spruce growing in the boreal forest. Basic relations to be studied will include establishment, ingrowth, growth, and mortality. While the major species of interest are aspen and white spruce, other species such as balsam poplar, lodgepole pine, black spruce, and jack pine will also be studied. In developing simulation models based on these relations, provision will be made for projecting stands subject to multiple interventions (treatments) through the life of the stand. Differences between Natural Subregions (Ecoregions) and site productivity will also be evaluated where there is sufficient data.

To encourage the establishment and continued monitoring of standardized permanent sample plots (PSPs) to quantify the effects of forest management practices in natural and regenerated stands, and in general to coordinate the acquisition of high priority growth and yield data.

To identify, evaluate, rank and address areas of research which are: of regional importance, of shared mutual interest, and most effectively approached cooperatively by the Association rather than by individual efforts;

To facilitate the dissemination of growth and yield data through the development of appropriate procedures, standards and databases for members use.